“Scout Studio is great at what they do; they will ask all the correct questions in order to get a true idea of what you are trying to accomplish with your web site. Will stay in touch each step of the way to be sure you are happy with the current results thus ending up with a solid website. I recommend Scout Studio to anyone who wants a functional and professional URL. ”

Chad Pringle
Principal Recruiting Group




What is Scout Studio and what do we do?

Scout Studio is a web site development studio dedicated to helping artists and entrepreneurs promote their craft to millions of people all over the world through the internet. Multi-media artists, entertainers, crafters and entrepreneurs have all benefited from the talent and creative insight of Scout Studio.

What makes Scout Studio so good?

Diverse experience. The team at Scout Studio has a combined background in the fine arts, graphic arts, web site design and development, user interface design, programming and marketing. This powerful combination of creativity and know-how (or left and right-brained thinking) gives us an edge when it comes to putting ideas to the screen.

How exactly does all this equate to a great web site experience?
Fine and Graphic Arts - an eye for art, color and design and knowing what looks right and what doesn’t
Web site Design and Development - 11 years experience in the creative corporate environment of the web site production industry
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Design - intuitive and user-friendly web site navigation - no one will get lost or confused visiting your web site!
Marketing - professionally written content on your web site means more than you can imagine to potential customers. web site promotion - get your web site viewed by millions
Technical Expertise & Programming - back-end database programming lets us create a secure e-commerce web site to get your e-business up and running smoothly!

Is Scout Studio for me?

Scout Studio is for everyone who wants a web site that has a creative yet professional look and feel, and who isn't interested in jumping on the ‘myspace’ bandwagon.

What kind of web sites have you done?

Scout Studio has created web sites for all types of businesses, crafters, artists, writers, individual musicians and bands. Take a look at our Portfolio to see some samples of our work.

What is Scout Studio’s Mission?

To create web sites for the art, entertainment and entrepreneur community and to provide hosting services and site maintenance for those who may not even own a computer but who want a professional, creative and original web site.

What’s that? I don’t need a computer?

That’s right. Scout Studio has designed several web sites for folks who don’t own a computer. Some don’t have an email address. But they do recognize the importance of a strong web presence to promote their craft.

You don’t have to worry about a thing to send a powerful message to the public telling them who you are and what you do.

How do I get started?

It's easy! Contact Scout Studio by phone (845) 306-2505 or email and we'll do the rest!

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